Fragments "The Secrets Of The Sun"

An eye contact so forceful it leaves bruises.

If you want to create a nation of sincere people give them war and concentration camps.

Sleep the motion of stillness a wave of silence.

Sleep: In the absence of all stimuli we forget we exist.

Sappho does not mourn burned papyrus but deaf ears. For she is still singing and no one hears her.

They feed the malnourished with delicious deceits. Will America be the first civilisation to starve from gluttony?

Thinking is a torturous comfort.

The strike of a hammer that fractures the mind with a stroke. In between that split a vision of a hideous God that freezes the face in horror.

I want to be less than the uncreated. To evade the grasp of every God and artist.

At the centre of the sun rests a secret night of sleep eternal.

Viruses impervious to heat and transmitted via light were introduced to the sun and shaped the evolution of all living organisms.

True kings and queens are not born they are remembered.

I regret the time wasted being regretful. I think I should stop thinking. I never end at ending.

Cellular division on the level of the personality. A multiplicity of self. 



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