Everything has a perfect time

Every love needs a musical rhyme

Sometimes we dont understand

But things happen in its perfect hour


Patience we practise, willing or unwilling

Tolerating our own time ticking level

Those who beautifully wait and persevere silently

Are the ones who reap the benefits wholeheartedly


Never let go the person you love from heart and soul

Such kinda bond arent happening always making you swoon

The barriers and social norms seems senseless

When in love you are committed making you breathless


Powers and energies are multiplied constantly

Life becomes light and fun to live zealously

With each nag going gets eased

When the lover right is always by your side


Distances dont matter to souls that are meant to be

Farther they are drifted, stronger they are committed

Atlast to be live happily in the lovers arms always

When time comes and soul is prepared completely



◄ Whispers!!!

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