Night 'Shifts' !

Night 'Shifts' !


It’s two a.m. (It maybe three).

But far from “Nighty-night!”, for me.

‘Ceiling-gaze’, through gravelled eyes.

I need to rest .... before sunrise.


Insomnia?  I’m ‘conscious’ proof.

I may as well re-slate the roof !

Or else, I’d simply rake the lawn

to keep me busy, until dawn.


“Pillow-punches”: ‘jumpy’ legs.

“Why can’t I sleep?”, the question begs.

I wriggle, shuffle, twist and squirm

- just like a “hyper-active worm”!


From side-to-side, I’ll shift around.

My arms get in the way ( I’ve found!)

I’d take one off, if I were able.

- Leave it on the bedside table!


‘Mental snapshots’ underpin

the random notions, floating in.

My brain’s ‘awash’: need sleeping pills.

(Damn! .... Forgot to pay those bills.)


No ‘measured-breathing’, ‘de-caf tea’,

nor ‘counting sheep’ has worked for me.

In fact, they’ll wreck the fence, instead,

to bleat and rampage through my head!


The bedside clock; it ‘tocks’ and ‘ticks’.

Conspiring with the moon, to fix

a ‘Light & Sound Experience’,

that’s guaranteed to keep me tense.


My wife feels sorry for me. (Bless!)

Which doesn’t help much – nonetheless.

Her ‘jaundiced-hint’, "Just drink some booze!"

now taunts me - with her rhythmic snooze.


And so, I’ll lay impatiently,

accepting “What will be, will be”.

‘Adrift’, in search of morning (when

my slumber should be granted - then!).


This ‘slog’ will last for most, the night

‘til “Songbird, heralds” early-light.

Mocking, with its tiresome ‘cheep’.

If only I could.. !


John Andrew Nield.

humorous poetryhumorous versehumour

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jennifer Malden

Wed 28th Aug 2019 15:10

Liked this one! Very funny but also cleverly written.


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John Andrew Nield

Wed 10th Jul 2019 09:02

Cheers, Mindy. I obviously have plenty of time throughout the night to write this stuff....... (not really! ?)

<Deleted User> (22247)

Wed 10th Jul 2019 01:23

Do you ever put a foot wrong? Shift into the wrong gear? Write a shifty rhyme?
Great fun. A great read. Great craftsmanship. A distinct pleasure.

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