Some Thoughts Upon Mary

We are told of two woman named Mary.

One the chaste, unblemished, pure.

The other debased, diseased, whore.

On this the good book never varies.


Here I will abandon form

and go on to say that grand

fictional simplification of white v

black belies the true identity

of these two Mary's, denies them

souls, renders each as animal

acting only on instinct, wanting

only to get to another day,

another bowl of taboulleh.


Peer down into virgin -

it's origin the Latin - Virginem -

maiden, un-wedded girl.

So this would seem to say

that Mary, in the first sense,

was unmarried - so who is this

Joseph - a pimp peddling nimble

wares before god - to bestow upon

the world an unintended spawn

that died screaming for an absent father's

recognition. Oh why hast thou

Foresaken me!


In that case, this virgin, this Mary is

a whore, not through intention,

but through traffic, and this

other Mary, one in the same,

fondles the feet of her son,

for forgiveness,

for bringing him nailed

into this world.


This is to say that Mary

is a woman with history,

that she rattles within all her days.

This Mary is a complex,

a Mary failed, a Mary used,

a Mary risen by the grace of her own wits.

Not this simplification

written in a book by men,

bent on keeping Mary down

in fake dichotomy.

Men who pretend, no,

presume to know

the word of god.

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Devon Brock

Tue 9th Jul 2019 21:25

And this is why I shouldn't write after the fourth glass of wine. Thanks, Mindy - lol.

<Deleted User> (22247)

Tue 9th Jul 2019 12:18

I hereby bestow the degree of PhD on Master Devon Brock. That's Poetical-historical Documentorian!

It is unthinkable to say this is thought-provoking, but an understandable understatement all the same.

Henceforth, we shall all rise when you enter the room...or the fray...or the pub.

No kidding, I had to read this six times to begin to think I had the gist in sight! Very impressive as theory and as poem!

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