Underwater Breaths

Finding your dreams are just sand between your fingers

And your disappointments are your stars

Sitting at the table with the Waltons dearly singing

Of Mary Pickford and the warmth you feel inside

Belonging is the source

It's always the seed

The temptations that breed from lonliness

You find yourself wondering

Who you even are

What's the point of the chase

When the chase leads to breaking

Torn apart by utter contempt 

The plan was never idle

Self-destruction unconsciously met

It's better I know

But I'm still broken

Emily said it was so

And ever is it so true

We should never meet our heroes

For they are just flawed humans,  too

As beset by the winds

Entangled by the claims

And as afraid of the truth

As the miserable and ignorant they declaim

I can't give up

And I won't let go

I learn my lessons

Tortuously so

You don't know who I am

You don't know what I lived

You have forgotten how to see

If really you ever did

I swam in those words

They gave me hope 

But now they seem such idle chance

Just a reflection of the world

Perhaps that was what was better then

It had nothing to do with source

Just another empty husk

Just another satiated lush 

So I break the idol between my fingers

Crumble it to sand

All I've ever needed

My own empty hands


◄ Martina McBride had it right

Cerdd y dydd: Diwrnod un ►


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