a childish whitewashed mockery of you

still in part remains daubed

on a back alley wall of our crumbling soon to be demolished street

but has been subjected to disfigurement

flake by falling distemper flake

strangely turning it into an abstract

I can only describe as resembling the likes of 

an aciddently weatherbeaten Picasso

as if part of the face has been included

in a brickwork collage

that you can touch while having to endure

the pungency of cat piss on the tips of your fingers

trailed down from everyday feline perches above.


Or is it something else?

a reminder that you and I are also not our original selves

having been subjected to times disfigurement

year by falling colour failing year.




an old, old drinking buddy as an example ►


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Wed 10th Jul 2019 15:46

Not very often do I receive such REALLY interesting, well thought out
comments like these that you guys have made, in fact, I could make a bloody good poem out of putting them all together, if, I put my mind to it. Big big thanks to you and those who have liked

Devon Brock

Mon 8th Jul 2019 22:58

Yes, Leon, the disfigurement of time imagined as a mural on a building soon to be demolished. Man oh man, great use of metaphor on transience, the distortion of memory.


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Jason Bayliss

Mon 8th Jul 2019 15:14

The fading, cat Lisa stained picasso, crumbling away, flake by flake until demolition. A nod to the beauty that was and the beauty that remains, that, once seen, will outlast even demolition.

J. x

<Deleted User> (22247)

Mon 8th Jul 2019 14:35

I like this very, very much!
The abstract portrait-in-the--making is the work of time within you and without...
Is memory mocking memory? Time improving on nature? Art succumbing to circumstance? Was something unrepeatable irretrievably lost?

And the anger at yourself for leaving her exposed to cat piss..."falling distemper flake," and "year by falling colour falling year!"

Don't know how you can live with yourself, but glad we don't have to live without you!

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