alone in a church

Alone in a Church

First time saw Alfred was in New York, 1955. He appeared on a

Clubs ‘stage playing sweet music. I was alone and frightened

lost in a strange world so my father followed me back to the ship a

night of yellow fog and light rain.

For many years, I didn’t see Alfred busy as I was growing up and

yes, not to forget all the beautiful girls how can a father compete

with that?

In was only in later years when penniless and abandoned he came

back, playing sweet music and listened to my story, just nodding his

head and helping me up. I sat in a church it was warm and in front

of me a big note Enough for a good dinner and a bottle of wine, but

Alfred was there too I had to find a moral middle way so I had me

wine and food but went back to the church and put the change in the

collection box. Last time I saw Alfred was at a hospital he came to

say goodbye from now on I had to learn to live without him. I cried

so loudly that a nurse woke me up asked what was wrong, I told,

she lost interest, go back to sleep, she said, so why the fuck did she

wakes me up in the first place. Alfred ‘s face is slowly disappearing,

erased by yellow fog and light rain.

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