just before the crowd pulled out

wearing contagious smiles

meaningful or not

I began to orate an irresistible speech

which mesmerically brought them all

to a heel grinding halt

gasping at the essence of every word

until their blood almost ran cold.


To me wearing the facade of somebody worthy of listening to

they seemed in this way

to have known my intentions, because

a collection of gasps arose pre-empting the perfect punch line.


Now above the sweating clamour,

the thug dressed in scars

with a ready to kill look in his eyes

verbally took over the situation

with a sermon relating to his violent past

his rash voice of intimidation

raging through bared teeth

the mouth corners frothed by anger

inciting my intervention


bringing us both pacifist face to murderous face

and as I returned his great white shark'ish glare

I knew I would soon have to leave off

the pretentious action man role I usually played

and revert instead to some other portrayal of, bluff

perhaps the one that had helped incur

signatures on a battle stopping piece, of paper long ago.


But should this tick-tocking tactic fail I thought  while quaking in my boots

until my feet nearly liquified

I would more than quickly

leap onto the first riderless horse appearing on the scene

having made itself aware of my cowardly plight

leaving the would-be killer free

to demonstrate his devilishness


hoping that my sudden absence

would create an air of calm

thereby soothing his death lust

allowing tomorrow to arrive with the same purity

of whiteness

the clouds would be painted in

should they snowily float into the dawns ownership.








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Mon 8th Jul 2019 13:39

thanks of, the big kind to Mindy, Lisa Do.Rothy Devon and Sophie. for likes and comments of the generous kind.

Mindy, and Devon, you will be as will so many others will be ? pleased to know that in situ's like this ie in the midst of thuggery I always rely on my seven-foot father and his nail-spiked club to sort it out ?

<Deleted User> (22247)

Sat 6th Jul 2019 16:32

Ahhh, never happened.

In backing down you would have found too solid ground to change around your high-brow crowd intentions,

And he would see, and he would flee, and climb a tree, knowing Le
on, casually, would cause low-brow indentions!

Devon Brock

Sat 6th Jul 2019 13:07

Engagements of this sort always leave me trembling.


Devon Brock

Sat 6th Jul 2019 11:44

Solid portrayal of that ugly dance, Leon


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