Pray, Pray, Pray.....

If you have worries

That have no remedies

Turn to your Lord

Pray your worries away


If you have tensions

Building volcanoes within

On the verge of explosion

Turn your tensions into prayers and rest for a while


If you have problems many

With no solutions to any

Don't sit and brood over them

Rather give to your Lord in prayer


If life gets rough

And going gets tough

Turn to lord in prayer

HE will certainly ease your way


If you are stuck between situations

That are hard to decide or choose

Make your choices known to God

He will return your prayers with perfect advice


Nothing in life is impossible for Lord Almighty

These are conceptions of human minds only

For Him impossible is possible within blinks

So pray to Lord with honest convictions


If you are in doubt, mind confound

Fear grips you hard, heart pounds

Give it all to your loving Lord in prayers

And He will turn your sorrows away


Prayers are lethal weapons gifted to us by God

It doesn't matter whether you a believer or not

Prayers do work as magic for one and all

Doing away problems that was sent as a test by God


So trust your God, and pray anytime of the day

Whether you in bed, chair, car or anywhere

He listens even to the silent prayers of a sincere heart

Doing away our problems any day at any hour

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