The gilded cage!!!

Silently she sits

Pecking food, drinking milk

Unaware of the verses spilled

Food looks fine, magically adulterated still


She swings, she glides

But she can't fly the flight

Her wings are beautifully cut

Making her believe its beauty at work


Seeing the cool blue sky

Cold winds brushing past by

Gliding with the flow to and fro

Unable to save or stop the tornado


Gilded doors, windows, roof and walls

Barbed wires covering the falls

The doors open at the masters pace

Allowing entry and exit to run the race


The beautiful bird silently sits

Looking through her golden cage

All she learnt was to swing

According to keepers will


She never used her wings to fly

All she knew was to peck and sigh

Awaiting the gates to open someday

To take a flight beyond the horizons she saw


The door had a magical lock, spell never breaks

Some far away bird holds the key to these locks

Unaware of the use of the keys of verses

Untill he practised on my cage's gilded locks


God had made the arrangements pure

For two hearts to meet on destined shore

At a time when it was best for them to meet

Finally the locks opened and the love birds lovingly tweet


They have a destination far to make

Unknown of the time and place

Waiting for the Lord to show them the way

Quietly tweeting life from distance away


I hope the day is near when two hearts shall beat as one

All the love longing shall be finally over and done

To reside in the lovers arms for the rest of their life

Striving lovingly hard to eternally live in God's premise


◄ Back to work!!!

Pray, Pray, Pray..... ►


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Tue 9th Jul 2019 15:31

You have well captured the theme.👍

.traps are many, few look like forts but are in reality jails n prison.😏

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Sophie Morley

Mon 8th Jul 2019 16:35

"Her wings are beautifully cut" is rlly beautifully put. Speaks to me of how people with no obvious obstacles, such as poverty, can still be 'trapped' spiritually by society or mentally for various reasons. Touching x

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