Hong Kong revoulution

Hong Kong


Should you be in doubt

it is Chinese through and through

not a British colony

who reluctantly had to give it back?

They introduced democracy which as

false as the American kind,

China is not a democracy.

but they

have got rid of poverty and corruption is a hanging offence.

The students in Hong Kong have led

people astray, they need a good spanking,

dreaming of an independent nation was

criminals can hide like it should be Israel.

So, let us repeat Honk Kong is Chine.


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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 5th Jul 2019 12:13

Good morning Jan,

There is little doubt that Hong Kong is Chinese, I can't imagine any serious Brit with a level of historic knowledge of Sino/Brit relations would contest that fact.

Yes, China has in the past 20 years raised more people out of poverty than any other country in the world, it does of course have the largest population to achieve such a feat with....it also exploits just about every kind of work force and industry imaginable...showing little regard for ethics.

China probably executes more people than any other country on the planet for offences such as homosexuality and political dissent. China incarcerates Muslims and other religious groups whilst claiming it does so for the purpose of re-education. It creates more waist and builds more solid fuel power stations than anywhere else, whilst selling more solar panels to the rest of the world...if that isn't the best example of green capitalist irony I'll be buggered.

If you seriously think the Central Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party has created a country devoid of corruption, or that it itself is not corrupt I am astounded.

China still includes the production and sale of counterfeit goods when calculating its Gross National Productivity, I do not know of any other developed country that does that. In doing so it sanctions the counterfeiting industry which in turn is fed by people traffickers and other such scum.

I do like China and the Chinese..but not enough to ignore it's failings..as similarly I refuse to ignore the failings and corruptions present in British Society and Governance.

I thought it ironic when I saw the protesters deface the HK and Chinese symbols in the LegCo building and then drape them with the old HK flag which displays the Union Flag of the UK...one Colonial power for another.

I appreciate your writing on this subject but am surprised at its apparent lack of balance, of course that is my opinion only.

I did live in Kowloon for two years and am still in contact with Chinese friends there, the situation is extremely problematic for them..I hope it doesn't get messy...I hope we (the Brits) are careful with our dialogue toward the Chinese as they are prone to taking offence extremely readily.


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