Martina McBride had it right

This day

So many celebrate

But in between complain 

Give them holidays

And they're content to stay

Stagnate and play

Why complain?

I just want change. 

I want to fight

I want to see us choose

Choose what is right

You want rights? 

Then fight. 

You can't demand your rights

Then take away theirs

Everyone even

Everyone same

Everyone allowed

To play our reindeer games

Fair is understanding

We'll never agree

But just the same

We can all leave be

This place was built

On the backs of those

You want to wall out 

Mortar the bricks with their blood

Rather than share your crumbs


It never dies

And you waste on gunpowder lights

What would buy them food in a month's time

You want fair

You want right

Then realize

You've been had

You are no soldier

You're a slave 

You've sold your freedom

For a middle-class life


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Devon Brock

Fri 5th Jul 2019 11:11

That's right, Collin, come all come all, and we will be better for it.


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Martin Elder

Fri 5th Jul 2019 08:49

There are some powerful lines here brought together in a powerful piece of poetry which|I think deserves to be read out loud. My favourite line is

'Mortar the bricks with their blood'

Nice one

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