Fireworks fly

It's a celebration every time we get together

pyrotechnic flower weather, bloom and spread

the atmosphere can barely contain the fountain from which our toroidal love flows and rains


post its that say i love you on the smorgasbord

my ears perk up at the whispers of sweet nothings

the dogs admire our connection with puppy dog eyes as the fireworks soar

brief moments in love immortalized as we press record


shooting stars and celestial explosions plaster the backdrop of the nightsky

the main attraction is the charge between us as our hands meet and ignite

our souls fuse and the barrage is so bright it feels as if our aurora collide


the night is young but the day is done

my fingers tingle, sparklers at the touch as i hold you close

butterflies twist and turn, sparks fly as we burn out

same time, next time. fireworks fly

we discuss the turn out as we turn in

fingers crossed, we hope everyone had as good a time

◄ Drawn together

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