Grecians never were completely fools

They knew the rules about the ruse of

Temptress goddesses known as the Muse

Now let me see, what were they called?

Well there was Calliope of course, she was the

muse of eloquence and of epic (heroic) poetry

and next came Cleo, muse of historical and of more

heroic poetry – could that be what we refer to as

Martial poetry in this day and age? Well in those

yester challenging times she was quite a sacred name

falling from the lips of marching men. Perhaps those

last two goddesses job shared. But now we have

Erato on the centre stage. So let the herald tell the

tale of what she did. She was the muse of lyric poetry.

Love and eroticism featured in her words (oo-er) plus

the added ingredients of love, eroticism and mimicry

(again oo-er stop it please) kindly pass the feta cheese,

I’m feeling rather weak around the knees. Well next

on the scene we have Euterpe. And she was the muse

of music and the flute, and in a picture that I saw of her

she looks quite cute. Poor Melopomene though, whose

next. She sounds as if she could get quite vexed when

all around her bore those rather tragic weepy sad old tales.

Please pass a pewter tankard with more ale before I quail?

For the Muse, of dabbling in the sublime, and sacred hymn

we gain the nod of elegance from Polyhymnia who else?

And she throws in a touch of eloquence and dance. She

liked lifting her dress to show her pants. Terpsicore is next

also a Muse of Dance, dramatic chorus and of lyric poems

which seldom rhyme although sometimes they do. Then we

have Thalia, muse of comedy and pastoral, merry and idyllic

verse. Last but not least we have Urania. Now Urania is into

astronomy, astrology, and universal love (beam me up Scotty)

and what a lot of totties they were, going around and inspiring

everyone with the muse. They were considered far more sacred

than a priest, and all were queens of song. No Olympian banquet

was ever complete without them and that was even before

they began to pour out the retsina and do their pirouettes and

get all those Greek geezers doing their early version of what was

to become Zorba’s dance, and plucking erotic harps and lyres.

Well someone had to get them all inspired. Desire you see. It can

work complete miracles with the human mind. So just be kind




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Don Matthews

Fri 5th Jul 2019 05:24

Watch out buddy
Not good news πŸ˜›

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Fri 5th Jul 2019 01:15

Rinky dinky dinx eh? Sounds a bit x-rated does that. But then of course that's what Minxes do. Now Alf Garnet he would know all about that sort of thing. Muses, muse, booze - could all end up bad news. A bit of fun eh. Thanks for commenting Don. Appreciated. P.😏

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Don Matthews

Fri 5th Jul 2019 00:47

Philipos you've solved a puzzle
Which has me so perplex
I've got this little playful muse
(Don't think she's into sex)

The little minx she has this habit
Of riding off on bike
I'm left in idea-blank mode
While she's gone off on hike

So how've you solved my puzzle Philipos?
You've kindly labelled minx
As frisky/biky Thalia
Rinky dinky dinx πŸ˜›

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