Ode To Candles

Hold fast, slender sentinels!

Hold sway against the night!

As for eons you've held terrors at bay,

lit poets and paper and quills,

flickered on worry, grief

and joy. A sick child

may never see the sun,

but your staunch standing

tear has led the way.


Sallow tallow, beeswax, paraffin,



Your unburnt cheap luxury,

scented and tawdry,

bent by the rays of noon,

dressing the fancy tables

gaunt in shadowless light -

as if you've never known

the tortured rapid flow

when a slight breeze

breaks the burning rim

and your flame leaps long

on the new exposed wick.


There will come a time again.

There will come a time.

When our days are measured

By the advent of dusk,

and every inch of you becomes

a blessing, a necessary sublime.

◄ Lahm Bi Ajin

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Devon Brock

Thu 4th Jul 2019 22:45

Thanks, Martin. I have a rare day off, it being the fourth and all. Spent the whole reading poetry, and all those voices perhaps inspired the tone and style of this. I've always wanted to write an ode. So this is it. I may try a sonnet, but I think that would require a lot of sweat to stay on form.


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Martin Elder

Thu 4th Jul 2019 22:07

This is a different approach for you Devon, it has an almost traditional flavour to it .I love the rhythm and the flow of the piece.
Nice one

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