knock knock-who's not there?

Mornings in the privacy of his high rise cold water flat

always found him staring lengthily into the cracked shaving mirror

whose split reflections were once more to deny

any of his resemblances to youth


but the denial could not impede

his gifted habit of being able to self mockingly grin

at his facial wear and tear


not the impish grin he had displayed so long ago

but the medication sedated one

hiding a set of off colour ill-fitting dentures.


One day he thought

someone very very important

might call in so I best be prepared.


This fantasizing gave his life purpose

no matter how ridiculous the thought


but suppose no one had warned him

of the impending VIP off the cuff visit

that last minute appearance of a dignitary on his doorstep


catching him off guard 

still in his tea stained pyjamas

toothless mouth agape in astonishment!


No! he would be ready!


A marker penned note in capital letters

placed on the front door's glass panel



A lifesaver!


time enough to throw a presentable set of clothes on

time enough to apply adhesive and make sure

his teeth would not dislodge

while in the midst of a hopefully fruitful and much rewarding conversation


time enough to throw a clean'ish tea towel

over the usual pile of dirty pots

except for the new untouched as yet by prominent hands cups

set aside for such an occasion

time enough to bend as far as his stubborn spine would allow him

to bend down low as possible

in order to spit on his shoes, each one then scuffed into a shine

on the backs of his legs


Yes! he would be ready!


But Sundays he assured himself were safe

he could relax and perform his less important chores

ones that didn't require the inclusion of looking into that damned mirror!


he could allow his chinned follicles to do their fast growing thing

he could allow himself to fall asleep whenever

in front of the disobedient up-scrolling tv set


his flakey skinned hairless head

supported by a scrawny arm

his loud saw-like rhythmic wheezing snores

floating on the archaic smelling air of the living room

as he went dreaming back to the times

of that impish grin,  





◄ dampened



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Don Matthews

Fri 5th Jul 2019 13:44

Mindy, just don't think girl
On Leon's door, go knock
In person, with your bowl of fruit
Ensure it's chock-a-block

I'm sure he like's bananas
Throw in some grapes (red type)
And men they like their peaches
But make sure they are ripe

(Supermarket ones are like rocks. look for home-grown ones.....?)

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Fri 5th Jul 2019 13:19

don't forget to read the sign on the door though Mindy if you change your mind and deliver the fruit personally------- ?----------------big big thanks.

<Deleted User> (22247)

Fri 5th Jul 2019 13:14

Painful, poignant. Yes, dann it, poignant with a capital "G."

You drag your reader into this sad man's life, making our own chins itch with stubble, settling his paranoiac hopes into our own chests...

I didn't want to go there. Might send a basket of fruit, though.

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Fri 5th Jul 2019 12:54

????!!!!!! Don..............?

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Don Matthews

Fri 5th Jul 2019 12:48

I look forward to your title of next one
Maybe 'Knock Knock What VIP's at Door?
Just hang on while I go stick my dentures in
Bother, where are they? Fallen on floor?....?

Can we come in yet?.....

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Fri 5th Jul 2019 11:54

muchas gracias guys. Please consider my next poem going on shortly as a token of my appreciation for your uplifting comments ( and likes of course) have hopefully improved the title of this one?


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Don Matthews

Fri 5th Jul 2019 10:17

Oh how I like this Leon. So many great lines depicting old age. I'd forgotten about a 'disobedient up-scrolling tv set' - clever.....flat screens don't seem to incorporate this feature today....pity.

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Martin Elder

Fri 5th Jul 2019 09:02

This is a wonderfully crafted poem Leon. I agree with Devon in the picture you have painted here.

great stuff

Devon Brock

Thu 4th Jul 2019 15:26

Damn, Leon! What a picture you paint. The details so perfectly brushed in realism, while capturing the loneliness of the aged, that urge for a visitation, any visitation.


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