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I've met your kind a million times before

I know the basics of reverse psychology

yet if I don't conform to your ideology

then tough.

I don't come with a manual or instructions

instead I instruct you to respect me

instead of expecting of me why not sit back

and listen?

By my own admission I'm far from perfect

but I won't even try to be, just to please you.


You ain't all that, in fact you're far from it

money never made you a saint or royalty

sort out your own misgivings before you start

on me  -

It could all go to hell in a very big way -

I lack patience, I think you've guessed it

don't start to test it or I'll delight

in storing up my frustrations then letting them go

you've yet to see how deep they can cut

the truth's never kind - it's anything but.


I don't take prisoners or provide concessions

I'm just a woman, pride is my only weapon

and I reserve the right to give a lesson

to whoever attempts to dent it, successful

or not.

My mind is sharp, my soul is strong

but we won't get along if you're too boring

to challenge me - just try to get on my level

and figure me out

or it's on to the next one and you can sit it out,

watch from the sidelines, join my captive audience

of the others who tried, yet failed - you're just a man

not a king. Don't flatter yourself.\\


There are plenty more fish in that murky sea

I won't regret catching you in my net

if you prove yourself worthy

get down to work and don't you dare disappoint me.


The small print is always

somewhat hard to digest

but there's only one way

to sort the trash from the best.


◄ 1999

Going, going, gone. ►


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