Super hero lover!!

Behind the mask that he wears

Is a boy ordinary in his ways

Not knowing the life's dealings

Bumping here and falling there


Spider bites and smitten by life

Throwings webs, omitting snares

Superhero saving innocent lives

Living a life under heroic disguise


A superhero may also fall in love

Knowing that he will never have her

For he has enemies many and life uncertain

Born with a cape and deadly omens


His heart pops out at the slightest glance of she

Mesmerised by her grace and perfume she wears

Turning and tossing every night with painful glee

Uncharmed she by the boy, falls for super hero perfectly


Confessions made, kisses exchanged

Glances frozen as in a glass tray

Creating magic as their love sways

Romantic spray fillling the air




◄ My loving Lord!!!

All things end in their perfect time!!! ►


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