Night Sweats


Tusk tips dripping oil

hammer on a chalky skull looking for a dream.


Coiling trunks baffle down a spine,

piling teak timber at the edge of breathless cities.


There’s an empty moat with a spiralled sinkhole,

a devils giant mouth beneath exhales human bones.


A snail in a plastic bottle curls to its own extinction,

closing from the inside and screwing down the top.


The Lid slams shut,

The Lights go out,

The Sea runs dry,

The air afire.


I wake


and gasp for life.



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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 5th Jul 2019 11:41

Thanks J and Martin.

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Jason Bayliss

Thu 4th Jul 2019 23:20

Don't worry David, I think we all got the joke. But even with the humour and perhaps because of it, I think we all also appreciate how good it is.

J. 😀

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Martin Elder

Thu 4th Jul 2019 22:26

I tend to agree with Ray on this one David you seemed to have excelled yourself. I also agree with you assertion about rolling your sleeves up and not just talking about it.
Nice one

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 3rd Jul 2019 23:54

Thank you J,

I do hope people don't listen to my audio and think I am doing anything other than taking the piss with the reading.

Although the words are heartfelt and serious I was attempting something different with the recital, trying to unbalance the listener a little. Attempting some kind of overblown RSC audition reading.

Randy Hortons poem about "Regional Poetry" today has made me consider how easily my efforts could be misunderstood/misinterpreted.

I thought I made it fairly obvious, but we can never know how others perceive things.


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Jason Bayliss

Wed 3rd Jul 2019 09:18

By the way, love the audio, and I believe you may be right.


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Jason Bayliss

Wed 3rd Jul 2019 09:13

I'd agree with that. We live in an age where we in the developed world have it better than any previous generations of humans that we know of. Food, healthcare, security etc and on top of that the internet gives us instant access to communication with anyone else in the world, pretty much for free amongst other things. And there are some genuine threats to our way of life. In fact there are some genuine threats to life in general. Like being in the middle of the planets sixth mass extinction event, the Anthropocene. The internet is an incredibly powerful tool, as long as we all use it wisely as an augmentation to life, not as a place to live your life. As someone, like yourself, who was around before it existed it always strikes me as a bit like stepping through the looking glass.


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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 3rd Jul 2019 08:43

Thanks for the likes and comments folks.

I do not sign up to the belief that we are less able to communicate than we ever have been, or that we communicate less than ever. It simply isn't true. It is true that we do it in different ways, it may be true we are less tolerant..but even then a quick reveiw of history shows that to be unlikely. It is certainly true that there are individuals lacking communication skills, but that has always been so.

We are like every previous generation completely self absorbed and obsessed with our achievments and our failings, it has always been so and most likely will ever be. I suppose the trick is to interpret our fears rationally and objectively and from there move forward having attained some clarity.

There are dangers present in our societies today, it is for us to move beyond them not dither in fear whilst they continue to blight us.

Currently the lungs of our world are being dissmantled, this is happening regionally but affecting us globally...without communication skills and diplomacy how are we to overcome this state of affairs? we better hope we can communicate.

I feel that some of the worlds wealthier states are going to have to subsidise some of the less developed regions to save us all. Subsidise and invest ethically, not for corporate gain but for human gain, that seems a possible just needs a driver.

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 2nd Jul 2019 17:41

Oh yes,

Some may pontificate about the evils of the internet, saying how we have forgotten how to communicate with one another, without looking at the bare facts which indicate otherwise.

I remember back in Strasbourg in the 14th century...they wanted to kill us all for disseminating information...smash the presses they said.

That is an alternative fact right there, I was born in 1962. Some people are daft enough to consider that misrepresentation, incredible.

Those who led the way in resistance were the recognised Religious and Political leaders of the day, we all began to wonder why, I ask myself the same questions today of those who shout so seems strange that the same people are often those who are most discontent with the system..I suppose that's an indication of how powerful the system really is, they've swallowed it.

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Tue 2nd Jul 2019 16:40

re your last comment--amen

I get a little weary of hearing how much better things used to be. BULLSHIT!

It's so easy to skew perspective by cherry-picking info to support any pov one might choose.

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 2nd Jul 2019 15:49

One other thing I would add, I note that some people are taking generational blame for centuries of the human abuse of our planet.

Well please do not assume to speak on my behalf, it is far too easy and convenient to collectivise blame....much more unpopular to be rational and apply some thought.

When my parents were living under the blitz the world was tearing itself apart, they thought they had destroyed the world. I do not expect young Germans to apologise for that crap, nor the descendants of the Evil East India Company or The British Empire to apologise for their dispicable forefathers. I am not responsible for the shit state we are in, but I accept responsibility for where I might take it now, I think that is reasonable. I do recognise my ancestors mistakes without reservation...but I cannot and therefore will not apologise for is meaningless.

Did anyone happen to see the state of the public areas of Glastonbury yesterday after the caring youthful crowd had departed? we need to stop putting everything in conveinient little boxes to demonstrate our PC liberal bollox..get real..take off the gloves role up the sleeves, stop instructing and start doing... it's not about generations it's about us all. Saving the planet doesn't require one will build or see the statues if we don't sort it out now..move on.

That from a liberally minded person...imagine.

I breathe.

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Tue 2nd Jul 2019 15:20

To say I'm impressed is an overstatement David. Your potential is over reached in this stunning summary of the poetic condition for which there is no cure. The audio is persuasive, the delivery highly pertinent and the clever word play is tortured to the point of excruciation. Sort that out. A worthy POTW.
I think my message to you reflects my own sense of unworthiness, and this is natural counterbalance.


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 2nd Jul 2019 14:36

I want one Rachel..but I want it as a gift from you.


PS...people need to pay some attention to the genius of Aldous Harding...what a talent.

and if you are wondering why your memory cells are sparking, try the Playboy dance scene from "Apocalypse Now".

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Tue 2nd Jul 2019 14:32

LIDA longer reserved only for Long Island Doulas

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 2nd Jul 2019 14:27

Thanks Rob,

I really appreciate that. I'm not sure if you listened to the audio yet..anyway no matter.

You know that thing when you smile at people but say something really nasty or cutting...this is my equivalent with text and spoken word. I am saying something serious in a pretentious overblown manner..the audio is a piss take but the words are serious...and yes you are completely correct they are snatched from a dream.

I have seen many poems held up as great or brilliant, to be honest so often I am simply not seeing it, It does make me wonder about the motivations behind comments, sometimes reciprocation seems a little like defecation to me...of course it is all opinion driven and I respect that completely.

Anyway, I really very much appreciated your latest work. You have the tempo in your work set just right Rob..enough for us to keep wanting more...please keep coming back pal.


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Robert Mann

Tue 2nd Jul 2019 14:20

David - What we see when we close our eyes can often define our creativity and state of mind. I share your pain mate, but can equally appreciate the ability required to put thoughts into words. Nice work David.

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