understanding values

Lost in her mind of somewhere other than here,

she was there

collecting into a rusted supermarket trolley, lots of somethings.


Had I not asked her what these somethings meant to her

her eyes wouldn't have sparkled into life.


Treasure! she replied.


Within the puzzlement of, an inward thought, I asked myself 


is treasure!?


She opened the palm of her age wracked hand

and when I accepted the small box offered she'd prized

made not out of silver foil lined cardboard and smelling of tobacco 

but in her other-worldly sorrowful evaluation-

pure gold!


She smiled assuming how wonderful

the effect of her giving would be in having done so.


In her toothless beaming smile

I saw something just as wonderful

that had I mocked it

I would have become the poorer of us both

I would have been made into a someone

who used something

that was worth nothing.






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Mon 1st Jul 2019 12:23

Martin, I am a big Zappa fan actually, loved him for his zaniness

Devon, you sound as soft-hearted as the actual observer in this poem, well, once you have put it back where it belongs that is!

Don, like yours and those of the other guys, every donated inspirational comment/s are always welcome, as are the likes by

Lisa, Do.Rothy, and afishamongmany

thank's ladies and gents


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Don Matthews

Sun 30th Jun 2019 03:40

Well done Leon. Beautiful.

Devon Brock

Sat 29th Jun 2019 17:54

Hold on a minute, Leon. I need to pick up my heart. It fell on the floor and rolled under the chair. This is beautiful stuff. Written so tenderly and with such dignity towards her.


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Martin Elder

Sat 29th Jun 2019 17:26

A marvellous poem Leon, which makes me think of lyrics from a Frank Zappa song . No particular song it just has that feel about it for me.
Love it

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