in a world full of cheats and deceits

an innocent person is victimized

name tagged as all the others in a que


sometimes someone’s tears are genuine

the painful cries rises till the heaven

punishes the oppressors for their evilness


many don’t realize their follies

they think it is fate that was going to be

had it been not for the tears you could have a different history


you threw away what God offered you lovingly

hurting the one who was unknown to reality

finally blood of tears oozed from her heart to reach the heaven above


can you realize how you insulted that innocent being

for no fault you poked fun of her with your friends and the love she offered

well I guess she too deserved the punishment for hurting others


finally all the deeds are done and bunged

now each has its own course to take

until all shall meet one day at heaven’s gate


life has so much good to offer

happiness, thrills and love

just look around and you will find it all forever


I have found my lost smiles and my pain relievers

A sudden burst of laughter from a child’s unknown merriment

A flower, the thorn, the huge waves, everything sounds fine and simply great

I am thankful to God almighty

at last uniting my family, now I have no pain to suffer

as my family’s love is enough


last but not the least

prayers are an uplifting feat

stirring the heart and soul in blessed direction

◄ a wish so true!!! only for you!!!

Glory lost ►


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Wed 26th Jun 2019 16:48

I agree with you dear Jason😃

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 26th Jun 2019 16:43

"at last uniting my family, now I have no pain to suffer

as my family’s love is enough"

Beautiful sentiment Do.RoThy. A caring strong family is a solid foundation for a good life.

J. x

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