the acting lover

The acting lover


When I was fifteen and a galley boy on a ship

The cook was over the top gay and couldn’t

Help to pick up some of is manner like smoking

Slim cigarettes and waving my arms around.

Many women thought I was gay which was a bonus

As they were teaching me to be-ungay,

They succeeded every time and we're happy this

Had saved me in time this ploy worked until I looked

The working class was big and muscular then I had

To play the shy one fear of women.

Of course, I had to come clean be my randy self

Looking for sex yet behaving with decorum and not

Like a brute, this has served me well till I got

To the age I was too old, now I’m the granddad

Who knows to too much, but keep quiet about it,

But I still smoke slim cigarettes


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 26th Jun 2019 16:18

Entertaining stuff.
I'm reminded of the recall of a wartime RN veteran who described the gay gunnery officer on his ship as shouting "Shoot" with enthusiasm. Despite the times with its oppressive laws, the man
was a respected popular member of the crew.

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Wed 26th Jun 2019 10:56

? quite a gully boy...not galley boy it seems.....hahahah!!

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