You and I

In some other universe, you and I didn’t play football as kids.

We weren’t lucky enough to have Mr Walker as our teacher.

The team photograph doesn’t exist in this other place,

so people wouldn’t wonder why we looked so serious,

you and I.


Or maybe through some weirdness, we lost the cup final,

so the victory meal at the chippie would have been cancelled.

Or at least that Thursday would be different in some other way

and something else would have happened,



We might have stayed friends as we got older,

instead of brawling in the dust under a piano in the music room.

Maybe we’d have avoided Mr Postle and his plimsoll,

even decided to stay on in the sixth form;

done A levels and university.


I wouldn’t have become an apprentice and wasted five years

before going back to college to do something that felt right.

And you wouldn’t have died at sixteen,

asphyxiated by a conveyor belt,

while trying to earn a bit of summer cash on a farm,


wondering what to do with your life.


(Obsessed With Pipework)

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Jonathan Humble

Sat 22nd Jun 2019 23:21

It feels unfinished as the argument was never resolved …

Thanks to all for the kind comments.

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Devon Brock

Sat 22nd Jun 2019 19:22

Jonathan, I haven't cried in quite awhile. Your recitation is a beautiful gift to your friend. Thank you for sharing this.

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Mae Foreman

Sat 22nd Jun 2019 19:19

Awe! Just awe. Loved it! Bravo!
Thank you Jonhathan 🎈

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Jonathan Humble

Sat 22nd Jun 2019 19:02

Thankyou : )

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Fri 21st Jun 2019 22:42

An almost casual rightfulness in the expressing of such deep considerations. It looks easy, but we know it's not - to just keep adding the right ingredients until everything is fulfilled. The most affecting poem I've read in a long while, Jonathan.


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Laura Taylor

Fri 21st Jun 2019 12:40

Ooof. Perfect turn there. A real kick in the guts. God, those what if's.

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Martin Elder

Fri 21st Jun 2019 09:47

A very powerful piece of poetry Jonathan. good to see you and hear you reading it , making it all the more direct and real.
Thanks for posting

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Thu 20th Jun 2019 19:38

Simple, clear, warm; A long view, rear view window. Thanks ><>

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