No love, no labour, nothing lost!!!

What is meant to be

Never comes easy

What is never meant to be

Never crosses me


What my heart speaks

Is God given truth

What the enemy spoke

Is from the devils cloak


Fate is but an excuse

For half hearted labour

What you love from heart

You can never get over


God gives us what we want

Then leaves it on us to achieve

The greater the need 

The harder we try to achieve


Life is an ultimate gift

With lessons hard to learn from it

Making us wise with every strike

Giving up half way isnt actually wise


If diubts clouds the mind continuously

It sure is an indication of unpreparedness

So God gives you time again and again

To see if you are very clear in your intent


So why blame things on God and fate

When life is all about what you make

Efforts are yours, achievements too

If you did not work then blame it on you


Its never is too late to communicate

What you have expressed in sudden negation

Could have been said in affirmation

But what you spoke is the only truth that you always had in mind


Its easy to let go things that dont fascinate 

But difficult to give up on the dreams passionate

So your giving up speaks volume 

About your not so fascinating dreams


Although you expressed it half heartedly

But you have spoken your heart true

'I love you so' is not just words you sow

Its a hard long labour that lovers actually grow


It is time for dreaming a new dream

With maiden fair and bright to live there

Who would love you and support you

As much as you would give it back to her


All the best for your lovely days ahead

I sound kiddish in my child like behaviour

But i aint naive to these popular games

That lovers play to woo their next babe


◄ Focus on life!!!

Sweet nothings!!! ►


mona s

Thu 20th Jun 2019 11:19

Love this.. Great poem..

Profile image

David Irvine

Thu 20th Jun 2019 10:45

Great poem and packed with great spectacles. A fantastic journey of love that should make it into a book by you or a collection.

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