I have changed for better

Left aside all my fetters

That binded me to things hurting

Now i am no more resenting


I have given up on my useless chase

Closed it permanently all love case

Now i am moving to earn some money

Working harder to have a life sunny


No more breaks and barriers ahead

All the evil powers i did behead

Now the forces heavenly accompany

To the next level of my life's journey


All the people who are fruitful 

Have been gathered along

By God almighty who knows it all

The requirements and people needed now


Those friends from my past

Have moved their own way

Now we have nothing in common

Just loads of untold sorrows and dismay


There is no point in standing and wairing

When this road no ones ever coming

I have changed tracks with people 

Who have changed their's from mine


Now to each their way and their will

I have no explanations to a liars tale

Those who have spun yarns of love

That never happened or existed between us


It is good to know the many variety of people

They teach us good many valuable lessons

Each lesson comes at a cost of hurt and pain

So i have learnt them well and closed the doors again


Now please don't knock with false stories to relate

Giving me mind of events that never happened anyways

It was your choice you made, so now i make mine too

Why then you stand here relating tales full of lies


If those who have related you filthy stories

You trust them and honour their lies

I am no one to stand here to pursue my case

Before a judge biased in every way


I am moving on as was told by you over again

Now what is troubling your shaky mind when i am fine

This is what you eventually wanted me to do

So here i am taking my stand, walking back to, from where i came


◄ Coming back to you again!!!!

Focus on life!!! ►


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