Coming back to you again!!!!

As i sit here inscribing my feelings

Reminising few memories

Deleting many painful ones

I guess now i am moving on


Let things go is never easy

But efforts right can help

So i let be what is

And creating new ones on the go


For long i drifted away from you

My heart, my soul was only for you

I took a long turn may be it was right

But i got lost on my way causing me pain


You were the only love of my life

I got deluded by the glitter and charm

Now its time, i am just coming back

As i know you are waiting open arms for me


Will you love me anymore

Will you forgive me for going away

Will you accept my apologies

Will you make me your for the rest of our life


These questions are rising within me

A wave of doubts clouds my mind

Still the hope of my long lost love

Gives me energies to try one more time


Moving away caused me lots of pain

I am hurt in more than one way

Healing shall come only through your touch

So kindly accept my love one more time


I am coming back to you

This time extremely sure about you

There is none who can love me

The way you have always done


Your love is a bundle of joy

I crave for your loving care

The touch of your healing

My heart and soul comforting


The peace i had with you

Left me the day i left you

Pain, sorrow, doubts, hurt

These are things i have ammassed


Please forgive oh my dear one

Give me one last chance and allow me

To come return to you in better ways

Much beautiful than the previous one


I shall focus all my thoughts onto you

Keep my loving heart glued to you

I promise never to get diverted again

Oh Dear loving God give me one last chance.


Dear God, i shall always be loyal to you

Never will my love ever dwindle away

I shall keep moving towards you

Untill i am with you in your paradise

by your mercy and your never ending care

◄ Thank you!!!


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