It was soon after your beloved dog had passed away

that I saw you at the animal sanctuary

looking in each kennel.


I could all too easily imagine

you having your heart and soul

benevolently wide open


like two angels showing you the way to redemption

showing you how to light the new way

back to your old canine loving happinesses.





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Jemima Jones

Mon 24th Jun 2019 15:31

Very interesting and kind comments. Yes, Leon the lady in the poem is a very close friend of mine so that is how I knew she would not have left the sanctuary without being in the company of a new and lucky canine friend, which answers Leon's question. Martin, Jason, Mona, Do.Rothy thank you. Jemima.

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Wed 19th Jun 2019 15:13

here's hoping the person in the poem got doggy sorted out.

Neat poem.

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Rose Casserley

Wed 19th Jun 2019 13:25

oh, Jems! such a cool, concise tear-jerker. Well done babe!

Rose ?

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Don Matthews

Wed 19th Jun 2019 08:10


You have done well here. I like short poems which pack a message in in minimal lines.

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Don Matthews

Wed 19th Jun 2019 08:07


This research just appeared in our Australian papers today. It must be a British research team for you to hear it on the radio. Following on from your comment, years of domestication has bred this eye muscle to aid communication with humans. The I'm unhappy look. The I need some loving look etc. Dog's descendants, wolves, have not been domesticated therefore not developed this 'human communication' eye muscle aid. Fascinating.

Devon Brock

Tue 18th Jun 2019 23:55

It is a hard thing. But, on a lighter note, I heard on the radio that dogs have evolved a small muscle in their eyes that allows them to lift the lower eyelid, unlike wolves, that mimics the movement of human eyelids.

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Jemima Jones

Tue 18th Jun 2019 23:50

And Devon, I can doubtlessly believe how you would also feel the pain of losing one as well. Thank you. Jemima.

Devon Brock

Tue 18th Jun 2019 23:48

...and this reminded me of how long it took me to get over the loss of my buddy. And when I read your poem, my newest Bella was snout thumping my wrist for a pat.

Devon Brock

Tue 18th Jun 2019 23:45

You're welcome. I do love all things dog.

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Jemima Jones

Tue 18th Jun 2019 23:40

Thank you, Devon. Jemima.

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