Thank you!!!

Finally the demons are gone

The shadows are torn

The hunters have hunted well

And retreated back home


Its time to say goodbye

To the two gentle souls

Who stopped by to help me

They tolerated every thing nasty


I am grateful to God

For the angelic souls

Whom he sent to help

The ailing me from demonic spells



Finally its time thank them

Who tried their best to help me

Atlast succeeded in their truest efforts

Getting me rid of evil powers


Now i do breathe like me

I think from my head

Do whatever i feel to

And live life unshackled


So the brave heros

You are my best history

The memories sweet

Although with many tragedies


As you move to your home

On the yonder shores

Meeting your families back home

I sit here thinking of you both


I pray to almighty

To bless you immensely

In all the worlds to come

Untill paradise be your eternal home


Hope you will remember me

In your good memories

And will pray for me

Whenever you think of me


Take care and

Bon voyage

Happy home going

Blessed be your life!!


◄ Build me!!!

Coming back to you again!!!! ►


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