Like a thief you came into my life

You stole my heart and left me heartless

Now i breathe sans feeling the breath

I shed tears, sans regrets


If you would realize the harm done to me

You would come home and replace it back

Stitch it back into my chest

And let me live my life forever more


I hope you haven't sold away my heart

At a cheap price to someone you love

For my heart will not be able to survive

If it is given away to someone else


Keep my heart safe and sound

Let not the dust of time gather around

Kiss it once a while to breathe in life

For your kisses would keep it intact


Come back to me and replace your heart

You fix mine in your chest

This way we both shall forever be one

My heart shall beat within you and yours in me


This is a fairer deal that we can make

Dont you think it would just be great

Breathing you within me

Will make me feel living with thee

◄ destination love!!

The shadows!!! ►


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Devon Brock

Mon 17th Jun 2019 22:27

I am liking the image of trading hearts in this. I must say, the picture in my head is both beautiful and macabre. Nice work!

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