such as ethnic cleansing's

seeing televised scenes of death en-masse

delivering more of itself in a few hours

than it takes sackfuls of our mail

to be delivered in a week.

Grim results of the dead

not being dealt with respectfully

not being encased

shouldered and religiously treated

before being lowered into the silent peaceful earth 

with dignity

but left out in the open

already having suffered enough

for all kinds of predators to scavenge off

while I have cried, cried and cried

never wanting, to wipe a single tear away

wishing that I was a vengeful God

instead of who I am

just another deeply shocked TV viewer

caught between a rock and a very hard place

spouting useless words of anger at the screen.


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Wed 19th Jun 2019 15:08

Appreciated and true indeed Martin and thanks afish'

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Martin Elder

Tue 18th Jun 2019 09:33

Wonderfully put Leon. We can become all to easily become indifferent to the horrors of war and death that surrounds us everyday.

Nice one

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