Inevitable reality!!!

a seed grows into a sapling

Gradually a plant to a tree

An egg becomes an embryo

Infant into a towering being

Never did a day pass by

When the sun didn't outdo the moon in the sky

Summers gives glad tidings of autumn

Winter a harbinger of spring

Change is inevitable

Growth is the law of nature

Like life death is a common rule

Leaf turns pale and breaks off ties

Human beings journey begins after he dies

The realms are different but change is steady

Stagnation shows no progress

Standing rocks gathers moss

Shining sun throughout the year

Disrupts the natural seasonal function

This cycle of inevitability

Turns the spindles ahead

Had it been just the same

Hitler would be competing donald guy

Pharohs would outdo elizabeth's shine

Glory, name, fame and honour

These aren't a constant charmers

They blow from door to door 

Like winds mighty yet uncanny

If it wouldn't be the law of nature

To change everything on the face of earth

Dinosaurs would be our mighty companions

Ice age would be freezing our simple gaze

And nations would be undivided

As pangea a single land

Imagine how change adds beauty

Even the mighty erruptions builds in lovely  valleys

Destructive earthquakes shakes the earth

Creating beautifully engripping wondrous sights

Hating the change will never build us up

Accepting this fact is learnt through tacts

Finally reaching the destinations

That change of future has in store for each of us





◄ jealously suicidal!!!

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Bindu Trigunayak

Mon 17th Jun 2019 06:31

Enlightening poem!

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