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She is no longer the love of his life   

She's not his soul mate

Not any more

They stay together because it's convenient

They keep up appearances

for the sake of their friends

their children and their grandchildren


They don't have really personal conversations

Not any more

They talk about stuff

ordinary stuff, like the weather

They're no longer intimate

They sleep in the same bed

but they don't sleep together

Not any more

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Brian Maryon

Wed 19th Jun 2019 22:07

Thanks all commenters and likers.

jennifer Malden

Sat 15th Jun 2019 15:51

Sad but very well written, and don't we all know this couple?! Glad for you Brian!


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Don Matthews

Sat 15th Jun 2019 11:36

Well written but don't quite know what to make of this 'extremely'.....perhaps this explains the zonked out look in the pic?.....

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Wayne McLellan

Fri 14th Jun 2019 22:16

Good to hear?

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