Head-Butt the Heads of State with a Logic Noggin
Spank and scold the political children in adult skin
Give the Government a Time-Out and have it sit in the corner
Lock the toy box
Take away their Red Rolls Royce wagons and Barbie & Ken wardrobes
Restrict them from cell phones and internet access
Give them a broom and a mop
Slap that hand!

Election time mass media moronified
Tattling tales and name calling
Digging up the dirtiest of dirt
With golden shovels
Stabbing backs 
With platinum knives
While sucking on a silver spoon
Topics are no longer the primary focus
Ratings now take priority
Sway votes with shock value and snap slogans
Keep the people angry and watching 

Waiting for the next episode
While the next season is being written

The swearing of oaths
"Duty calls"
"Serve and protect"
Mere words, it seems, today
States once united now divided
A giant mass of angst and repulsion
The right wing spreads
The left wing spreads to counter
Both attempting to fly high above the rest
Unaware they are not birds

I watch from ground level
Walking this life with my legs
Avoiding droppings from above




OLD BARN (A Haiku) ►


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