who un-cares wins?

in the narcotic's world,

dealers are boss

often going bloodily head to head

with their own kind.

A life not for me

watching their street corner

and alleyway open shop antics

through my car window

on a daily basis

as they continue carving

notch after financial notch

on the bark

of their unstoppably growing

money fruited trees.

To them,

their power plays

are such a rewarding occupation

as long as they can continue

doing other predators down

with bigger iron fists

so that their luxurious lifestyles

remain mostly unaffected by authorities.

A laugh in the face of community

mocking survival game

played by the fittest

of stealthy disguised death suppliers.     


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Sat 15th Jun 2019 10:12

( forgot to bung a bird perch /hyphen to avoid looking as though I had purposely used a non-existent word ie-uncares- ) cheers Dev and welcome to WOL sir. It is a MUST that I, given more time than I have today, peruse your poetical samples. Some great promising titles bud

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