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"Do I know you?"
"Who do you know?"
"No? Nobody?"
"I have no time or space for new "acquaintences" now."
"Move along, move along..."

Welcome to the city.
Please spend your money freely, then leave.
The social circles are full and are not accepting new members.
The Big Company grows and blossoms of new drones fall...
...onto the street with the old drones and the traffic.
The city was built by their kind.
The selfish and entitled.
Outsiders are frowned upon unless it's for business.
Business must remain booming for the drones to keep buzzing...
...and the sheep to keep Baaaaaa-ing.
Feeding the business-hive-queen-corporate-executive-collective.
Keeping intruders at bay.

The virus of poverty is drugged and cast aside...
...their clans repeatedly dispersed until they self destruct...
...and re-appear again for the citizens to look down upon.
Feeding them the scraps.
Complaining about them shitting the scraps onto the street.
More poor flock to the city for those generous scraps.
The piles of shit merge into mountains.
Urine odor pierces the nostrils and shoots darts into tear ducts.
More scraps...
More poor...
More shit...
More drugs... 
Keeping them high and desperate.
Desperate people doing desperate things...
...while the citizens keep polishing their business model... shine brighter and blind the rest from their mess.

The machine keeps chugging along.
The good citizens methodically drink their coffee.
Chugging their ways to their assigned work stations.
9 to 5-ing, then wining and dining.
On with the show.
On with the attitude.
On with the self-absorpsion and projecting false understanding.
On with sheltering current and future generations of "citizens".
Smirking smiles and snide comments...
...fuel their false sense of self-worth and inflated egoes...
...and accomodates their needs of self-gratification.
You will be faulted for not being like (or one) of them.
You will be mocked and ridiculed for being misunderstood.
You either fall in line or be shunned or ignored.
You are not worth their time.
Do not expect friendliness.
Do not expect compassion.
Do not expect a warm welcome from the cold people...
... who think that cold is "cool".






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Fri 14th Jun 2019 19:37

Your poem reminds me of a dear fren who had similar views with similar took me back in a time my reality that is a memory.....liked your poem.... Claps!!!!

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Fri 14th Jun 2019 12:40

A tour de force Jason Z. Well put together. You are an acute observer of 'society', never forget though, we all have our individual responsibilities for it and in it.
Go well

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