Kid to Killer

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Little guy

playing shooting games

with other kids

aims his toy gun at them

pulls the plastic trigger.

To him at that time

they are the baddies

although innocent baddies

playtime fodder

for his invisible bullets.


Lining the others up in imaginary crosshairs

and with each trigger pull

he sees them pretending to die,

actions which indelibly plants 

an overwhelming feeling of power

in his young subconsciousness.


Just a kids game



But how little are we able

to determine if and when

dark dark seeds are being propagated

and in which young minds?


But oh!

when over time they come to fruition

those reborn feelings of power

helped along by and rekindled by so many

other wrong influences

despite their innocent beginnings


then God help

the innocent adult baddies

passing by or exiting Universities and the like

who with each of his real trigger pulls

die and unfortunately without the slightest pretence.



Stef Wilde 




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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 24th Jun 2019 10:58

We really appreciate the time and effort you guys have taken to comment on and like this poem.

P&S xx

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 13th Jun 2019 16:54

Topical indeed - but as Martin Elder comments - I used to play those games; indeed I still have a photo of yours truly and my pal
of those days when we were around six or seven, both grinning
as we pointed our prized cap pistols at the camera. In my case, I became a "firearms officer" in my adult career here in the big city,
totally at ease with firearms and the discipline they imbued in their
responsible owners & users. It is perhaps reflective of the society
we have allowed to evolve that their criminal use has risen, but
perhaps just as worrying, so has the use of big knives - a recent
social phenomenon that demands the closest examination and
control. The irony is that a resort to firearms is increasingly
needed to combat the murderous use of these weapons while
our politicians and others make up excuses for how this mess
has come about.

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Don Matthews

Thu 13th Jun 2019 00:04

You have made a good point Martin. When we were young these were innocent games which went nowhere. Today, not always the case. Like watching violence on TV, whether real or gameplay. Violence begets violence.

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Martin Elder

Wed 12th Jun 2019 22:20

I guess it would be too easy for me to say that I use to play those games and haven't turned out that way. But the reality is that is sadly not the case these days. I think you make a good point here
Nice one

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Wed 12th Jun 2019 16:43

anyone of us on either end of the weapon at any time-scary? yep, true? yep. Respectful high five man

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Don Matthews

Wed 12th Jun 2019 14:44

Sadly so true. We have a lot to answer for. Well written and expressed.

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