I don't know the reason why
But my heart feels awfully heavy
So does my throbbing head
And I can hear them calling out.

Living amidst the darkness of uncertainty
Tainted with a thousand words and memories
Trying to get some sort of freedom
Even if it's at the cost of my life.

Those are a part of me, the one I hide
From my friends, family and even myself
I deny that they reside in me and not out
In this world despite being so cruel and unfair.

Grabbing at anything they can get a hold of,
Those evil stained hands of the demons
They kill all of rationality in my mind
Just to capture me in their cold, dead arms

Even when I'm just sitting there in front
Mixing with the crowd, my inside is a chaos
Full of these unwelcoming and secluded beings
Who swore to their lord, never to give me any peace

Swallowing down my whole world
They increase every day, every minute
While I wait knowing  well what'll happen to me
That they'll be the end of me when they possess me.

◄ Kami-sama

Inefficient ►


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