Country boy down the 'smoke'

Two days

are two too many

to spend

in this madhouse

of a city.

Dawn rises up

on this heaving

southern sprawl

my desire to leave

rises even higher.

Manic rushings about

are everywhere-

smart-phone doped people

rivers of cars

pavement encroaching

delivery vehicles

cycling and motorbike couriers

bullying and battling

for space.

Walking in Oxford Streets

luxury stores shadows

my eyes widening

at the price tags.

Gridlock emissions

shouting drivers

and of course

so so many

of the bustling crowds

loudly talking

to a palm held

piece of plastic

for all the world

to hear

are beginning

to affect my breathing

my hearing


my fucking THINKING!

Fashion shop canopies

are being lowered

by designer suited


young men and


'I love me' females.

Not rich

eager or

down and out enough

to stay

I ache for

my rural birthplace

its cleansed air

empty lanes

seeing explosions

of wondrous scenery

hearing nothing but

the welcome of silence

breathing in nothing

but the emissions

of all that

flourishes and blooms

in tranquillity. 







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Mon 10th Jun 2019 15:50

Rossendale? is that where Bilbo Bagginses comes from?-? must sat-nav'ingly venture there one day

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Fri 7th Jun 2019 12:06

Give us Rossendale every time Leon. A very much enjoyed piece.

P&S xx

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Tue 4th Jun 2019 11:02

so pleased to have so many 'satisfied' customers such as Martin, Jane, Dorothy and Rose-( ? ) to you other guys, M.C. and Don in ascending order.

M.C. I would never SERIOUSLY slag ' The Smoke ' off and I agree with the bulk of your comments, but of course, and I say this with all respect that you are somewhat biased having lived and worked there and got the ' feel ' of the place which left a positive effect and favourably affected your opinion.

I am pleased that we agree on the numbers of people. There again, that could easily apply to any of our cities these days I suppose.

And finally, one other reason why I would not DARE to seriously criticise London is how much its wartime residents bravely stood up to Hitler's onslaught. They and their descendants deserve nothing but the greatest of our praises. Sincere thanks for your comments.

Don, another interesting comment, and I cannot disagree with all of your views since it is the way things are today unfortunately and we do have to live and let live.

The question is how much population wise can this world take before it sort of implodes? Thanks also to you for the comments and I'm not forgetting those who dropped in for a ' like ' button press, Tom, Desmond and Mona.


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Rose Casserley

Mon 3rd Jun 2019 12:57

Leon, I want to know why the title of this el fabbo poem wasn't called ' Country boy DARN SARF'..........?

-one jests-

Rose ?

<Deleted User> (21487)

Mon 3rd Jun 2019 08:23

I particularly like

"Blank- faced
young men and
'I love me' females"



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Don Matthews

Mon 3rd Jun 2019 02:20

But Leon, this is 'progress'. Politicians and developers all say so. It's 'good' for us. Grow population or die.

But people, what value is 'progress' if quality of life suffers.

Reduce population and greed for the dollar. In your dreams Don ?

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Martin Elder

Sun 2nd Jun 2019 22:35

There are some fabulous lines here Leon. My personal favourite being
Smart phone doped people.
I can concur with what has already been said about London. I cannot take it for more than a day without getting sensory overload.
Nice one mate

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 2nd Jun 2019 16:45

Ah - but you have to experience one to appreciate the other - and, I suggest, vice versa! I was born by the sea, brought up in the country (rural 1950s Wiltshire) and took up work in The Smoke
at 16. For me, London is about its core and its core history and
suburbia is now like the countryside I left in my mind. That said,
I know what you mean about the numbers of people - and that
can be intimidating as well as a b....y pest to us long suffering (and long term) residents. But I always get an indefinable "buzz"
which makes me feel 10 years younger whenever I return from a
visit to the shires. And you wouldn't find me living in any OTHER UK city - poor consolation for living here in the best city in the
world (a mere ten minutes from Oxford Street!!). Noel Coward got
it right with his famous song "London Pride" - even if much has changed - and not necessarily for the better - since then.

<Deleted User> (21818)

Sun 2nd Jun 2019 13:36

"so so many
of the bustling crowds
loudly talking
to a palm held
piece of plastic
for all the world
to hear
are beginning
to affect my breathing
my hearing"......EXCELLENT! I could not agree more. Thanks, Jane

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Sun 2nd Jun 2019 13:26

chuffed with the comment Keith and ALL likes-pleased you are back in rural heaven and as for your comment-take that! ?

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keith jeffries

Sun 2nd Jun 2019 12:53

Leon, this poem finds a real place in my experience of life. I have lived and worked in several cities but now reside in a very small market town where I breathe fresh air and hear only the birds in the morning. O blessed relief. Thank you for such an excellent poem, so well articulated with a dose of anger and frustration thrown in for good measure. Keith?

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