Bondi Bruce here

just been listening

to those Holy Mollies

Outside of Bruces beech

bar. Giving it plenty of oomph

they were, a hymn here or a

prayer over there, and the chants.

Even made me feel guilty just for

taking the good sea air in me lungs.

Streuth, they gave me some dodgy

glances when I started pulling out the

tabs on me tinnies. Might have been

the welcome sound of me cool amber

nectar as it fizzed its way into me old

slurp hole. Looked pleased with them-

selves they did as I skidded me way home

for me shut eye. Of course I had to have a

word. Told ‘em, Angels voices ever singing

wasn’t my cup of tea. Not that I drink that

stuff. Sooner drink koala pee than a cuppa tea.

Mind you, you get some nice looking Sheilas

in the Sallies, with navy uniforms and they

know how to wiggle those hips with tambourines.

When I got back home, I turned on the telly and

clicked on Crocodile Dundee. Now there’s a guy who

knows how to squeeze nuts. Got the girls though,

he even got the Sheilas eating out of his grubby paws.

I need a nightcap before I turn out for work tomorrow.

Jeez, no lagers left in the cooler. No good me calling

out the Flying Doctor service for that, gave me a hard

time a few years back when I called up Wolambula base.

They said I was a disgrace to the cause. I think I’ll ask them

next door if they keep anything in stock. Oh no, I think I

can hear those Sallies again. They’re coming this way.

Time to pull those drapes together again. I’m done.

Can’t stand the jingly tambourines or piety







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Rose Casserley

Sat 1st Jun 2019 11:08

big billabong laughs here sport! bonza to see ya back cobber-don't tie your kangaroo down so much in future ?

Rose ?

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