the night



and alone

i gaze into the darkness

of approaching




specks of light

begin to glimmer



i start to feel

their distant call



for a while

i sit

and stare

and wonder


all at once

a pain cuts through my head

i languish

cry an air of loneliness


why am i apart

why am i still here

why am i not where i long to be

and what


and then i breathe

and feel the night without



and out i breathe my breath

and in the night

and out

and in

my breath

the night


wove now

into my deep drawn breath

the darkness seems a font of hope

it listens to my thoughts

it holds me as i overcome my doubts

it calms in my despair


soon i am at ease

as my pores receive

in gratitude

the grazing nearness

of the night air


from Charles Schlee, You Come Too, © 2007, 2019


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