Warfare Struggle

I am no author or soldier renowned
But I write as well as fight
With the new strength I've found.

Painting my emotion and expression
I move on for my life
Trying to keep down depression.

A fighter I am, yet no one near,
Passing the battlefield
With eyes full of tears.

I pen my thoughts to keep them intact
So I don't forget them ever.
Yet, these notions break me in fact.

Should I let go? Never look back?
Let the lord regret his idea
Who let me walk on his made track?

There's a meaning of my life I hold
That only I can prove if I live.
That much I have been told.

I'm not letting my being go to waste.
I'll work hard for what I want,
For that I'll have to make haste.


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Don Matthews

Mon 27th May 2019 00:15

"I'm not letting my being go to waste". You have the right attitude Leena

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