in awe of poets uniqueness



She only has to write a few poem fuelling lines

and already they are powerful enough to send a rocket to the moon. 


She pens one last full stop

and the enormously winged masterpiece

leaves the runway

on its never-ending flight.


She composes so much deeper

than those who flounder in the shallows.

When her mind goes hunting

it aims at a landscape of thoughts

and with just one trigger pull

brings down a mountain range of poetry.


She sometimes though rarely

ploughs up the dead seeds of a fruitless idea.

When the land is cleared, replanted

better fertilized

what orchards of magnificent abundance

rise with perfection.




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Rose Casserley

Tue 28th May 2019 17:19

ta very much for the likes and inspiring comments folks-

Martin ?
Mona ?
Vautaw ?
P&S ?
JJ ?
Jason ?
Jennifer ?
KJ ?
Lisa ?

Jems, I agree with your choice of poets on wol but there again I think virtually all of the guys and gals on wol do a great job without any doubt. You will all see I have changed a word in the title to 'awe' which really was the obvious choice...dohhhh! ?

Rose ?

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Jemima Jones

Tue 28th May 2019 10:15

Rose, I'm truly amazed at the quality of this stupendous poem, but I'm wondering who it refers to? With respect, I can't recall anybody on WOL that I think writes with the same unique power you describe apart from the likes of Laura Taylor or Cynthia Buell Thomas. Answers on a postcard, please! Thank you. Jemima.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 27th May 2019 17:12

unbelievably brilliant Rose! this is the best poem you have ever done.

P&S xx

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Mon 27th May 2019 01:58

Beautiful. Orchards of magnificent abundance... a poet’s dream!

mona s

Sun 26th May 2019 18:47

Oh, so beautiful.. Poem's journey culminates so nicely..

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Martin Elder

Sun 26th May 2019 18:34

I love the fact that you are never one for understatement Rose. There are some great lines here

and with just one trigger pull
brings down a mountain range of poetry.

Love it

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