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Welcome to The Shift,

Where every fiber of your soul has been preparing for this,

Where dark and light combine and angels and demons kiss,

Where conscious meets unconscious and truth meets every question that exists 


We didn't forget, we were blinded by a false reality 

Conforming every day to generic human monotony

'Wouldnt it be great,' we thought, 'if someday we could just break free'

Well I am here to say that day has come and This is Me


I'm taking off the mask that the world superglued onto my face

I'm giving up the past and staring the present face to face 

The lies I told about myself to make the people love me

Will be erased, no longer vultures circling above me


I'm here to tell you that I'm here to tell myself the truth

I loved you far to young, and the empty air around me's proof

So with your leaving and your loveless arms letting me be

I'm left to love myself, and so I shall - This is Me.

◄ Gracefully

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