'Man-Size' Issues !


‘Man-Size’ Issues !


So, now those ‘Man-Size’ tissues

are named ‘Extra-Large’ instead.

It’s another “sexist” issue

that is messing with me ‘ead!


It seems, the major problem

is all centred around ‘Man’.

Folk find this word offensive

but I’m ‘flummoxed’ if I can !


I’m fearing for the future

if this nonsense carries on.

‘Cos they’ll ban the ‘Man’ from everything

in favour of ‘Person’.


It’s driving me ‘person’-ic.

As it’s ‘PC’’, gone berserk !

‘Equality’s the game-plan

but, I doubt that it will work.


My wife tells me to ‘Person’- up!  

-  I ‘person-aged’ a smile.

She isn’t that ‘ro-person-tic’.

(She’s not been for a while!)


She went for a ‘person-icure’.

(At least that’s what she said!)

But her note on the ‘person’-tlepiece

told, what she’d done instead.


It read “I’ve gone to ‘Person’-chester.

Stuff your sexist way!

I’m now with hunky ‘Person’-uel.

- We met in Spain, last May.”


I, then was left  wo-’person’-less

because I would not change.

So, I moved in with ‘Person’-dy

-  but she’s just as bloomin’ strange !


She’s from the Isle of ‘Person’

-  with big muscles and a tan.

When we met, she wore a dress

(but didn’t tell me, ‘she’s a man!). 


So, on 'sizing' up a tissue,

no longer will I dwell.

Now, I’ve got a ‘Man-Size’d problem,

that is ‘Extra-Large’ as well!   



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John Andrew Nield

Sun 26th May 2019 10:03

Thanks, Don. Chuffed, I was able to person-oeuver the conversation for a while! 😊

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Don Matthews

Sun 26th May 2019 01:11


You have personaged to bring out all sorts of personifestations here. Well done. 😋

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Dorothy Webb

Sat 25th May 2019 14:56

We love it when you are disruptive, what's next? can't wait.

thank you for the two apologies - one would have been enough

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John Andrew Nield

Sat 25th May 2019 14:22

Oh, 'Person-Alive', what monster have I person-aged to create, here ?

I will need to think carefully about my next 'poetic-venture'.......

I apologise to every person & wo-person that has been affected! 😊

Biggest apols go to Dorothy - sorry Chuck ! x

(I can't wait to give my person-acles a further shake and 'ave another bash at being disruptive, though !! 😃)

Let's see.........

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 24th May 2019 11:15

Clever stuff - consistently inventive. Once I thought of an ad. tag
for Kleenex:
"The bigger tissue for the big a-tish-oo!" (Easy Sneezy)
This blog took me back to it.

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Don Matthews

Fri 24th May 2019 09:55

Oh John.

Dorothy, (a true woperson) , has given your little idea the flick. It seems your personhood could be relegated to the dustheap by her accounts. 😥

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Dorothy Webb

Fri 24th May 2019 08:57

What have you done to my family? this is the first complaint that I have ever made on WoL😀
We have dropped 'man' from our vocabulary and our conversation is
now stilted and confusing.
I feel we are being personipulated into a personifestly unpersonageable mode of speech for which there was no persondate and no helpful personual.
woperson will, no doubt, personage without you in time.😃


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Jason Bayliss

Thu 23rd May 2019 23:58

A little slice of comedy genius mate. You certainly personaged to make me laugh.


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Don Matthews

Thu 23rd May 2019 23:22

Don't worry 'bout your problem John
Won't do you any good
The only thing which interests them's
Your working personhood. 😋

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