A love kill

I cell phone him from across town

my 'lover' with his growing impatience.

In the background, I can make out the sound of his fingers

tapping on a nearby hard surface ( like the last time I phoned! )


and at that point, I thought OH! THAT'S IT!

after all, I have loved him for too long anyway

 remembering how he craftily gatecrashed my life all those years ago

and that I, like a naive child had allowed him to nearly bleed it to death

without him any intention of changing my surname to his-the ring dodging bastard!


It is now a new resolve comes to mind

I must dredge myself from this deadened relationship I've been sousing in

the flames of my duped adorations must be extinguished!


with that, I'm suddenly impacted by so many fresh possibilities

pouring into my thoughts with the clarity of a mountain stream

and hope for a new future I had only dared half glimpse

attaches itself to my whole being

as if it were some upgraded App entitled-FREEDOM!




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Rose Casserley

Thu 23rd May 2019 16:43

guys, hell hath no fury like wild-cat Casserley! ?

Rose ?

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 22nd May 2019 14:06

Good for you gal!

P&S xx

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