a bad day

A bad day


I’m moody today

Depressed you can say

Too much wine last night

I talk too much under the influence of wine.

I’m not a pleasant drunk.

It depresses me this endless banality

When the world should be silent and

Let spring Sing.!

I’m morose today the summer day is chilly

Flowers in my garden look pale.

I,'m being hungry, but  fat has gone on, a diet

I’m angry t day refuse to take my bloody

Medicine what is the fucking point’

Green, red or blue pills I think the Farma industry

are kidding me and millions of other, reluctantly

I have to give me an insulin injection and a heart pill

and a pill for peeing, but no more.

Fuck it all.



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Martin Elder

Sun 19th May 2019 22:51

I am pretty morose without the aid of wine or any on going complaints.
Like it

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