At the supermarket, my wife pushed the trolley

While I walked around in the hope of finding some

Unboring food found a tin of tunny in hot sauce

I could make a breakfast of this (diabetes).

But the tin in my pocket to hand to my wife

And forgot about it.

We paid and left.

Outside I froze we hadn’t paid for the tin!

What to do know? Go in and pay for it, the line

To the till was long, forget about it she said.

I was a shivering wreck when driving out of

The parking lot and no guard tried to stop us.

Ok, I ate the tunny for breakfast, but if I had been

Caught stealing, how to explain it and be believed.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 18th May 2019 16:10

When shopping for anything I do declare...
It's essential to remain alert and aware!
(Using sticks, I have a small cycling bag looped over neck/shoulder
in which I place stuff (like bananas) that can be awkward to carry -
and this jogs both sight and memory when going to pay).

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