Little Monarch

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Deeply within am I struck!

watching the shimmering flightof this gaudy projectile, iridescent diver

speed fishing, flashing by O! so majestically!


No sooner returned to perch

on the wispiest of branches, than in a trice

having contemplated his next targetted plunge-is gone!

spear shaping his miraculously plumed body

he pierces the rivers undulating face

in a dart-like submergence

snatching his silvery fayre of unsuspecting minnows. 


O! spectacularly glistening King!

shall my road into this nights slumber

be with the accompanying memory of such a beautiful witnessing.


And, when the Moonchild of night,

has given up his games of hide and seek

 with the approaching ghost of dawn

there shall you be


hastily flittering to and fro amongst the early light

unperturbed, by the thinning spectral shrouds of mist

floating above the flowing depths.


Willingly, and so gladly, shall my heart once more,

succomb to being a guest of this wondrous sight

this perfect scene

greatly enhanced by natures endless invitations

to see you again sweet avian

the so shining finest of hosts.


Patricia Wilde


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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 20th May 2019 18:49

much appreciated Rose.Jon and Mae. Kingfishers really are something of speedy Gonzales type birds indeed Rose but certainly not lacking in the beautiful colours department

P&S xx

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Rose Casserley

Sat 18th May 2019 09:41

wow! wow! and wow again guys! You have to be quick to keep up with the movements of this beautiful bird eh what?

Rose ?

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