living forever

Living forever


The knowledge of living forever

is already here, all one has to do

is renewing one's cells once a year

beginning at the age of forty

or there about when a person is

self -sufficient.

It is also possible to renew cells so

often that one regress to infancy

and looked after by your son who

is unable to grasp that he is changing

his father’s nappy.

But longevity has its own risk how to live

you can alight from the 9 bus

and be knocked down by a car,

the autopsy would show the killed person was not

forty years old but 110.

The best way to be old is to kill someone in Oklahoma

get 200 years in a padded cell

be  fed through a slot in the wall

And when the years come to an end,

refuse to leave the prison, your home on earth.


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