Alfred getting old

Alfred getting old


Alfred, the violinist had some setbacks

he fell in love with a woman of high culture and rich,

Alfred moved in with her as she also had a piano

which Alfred loved. He played Chopin and another semi

popular tunes, so engrossed he was that he didn't notice

she was tired of him and told him to leave.

It was shocking for poor Alfred who without arguments

left with his violin.

He used to have a small room at a rundown hotel, but

It was occupied by some other loser, so he slept on

Aa park bench, had a wash at a river nearby where he also

washed his clothes.

One night when he slept he was assaulted and his dear

The instrument was stolen now he had nothing.

Alfred was depressed, but not for long, a woman who, had

A café nearby gave him food and shelter in a shed she had

At the bottom of her garden, she also ironed his clothes.

The police who liked Alfred he was always polite, caught

The thieves and he was back in business.

He became a fixture of the town playing his music

at street corners and was much missed when he drowned

washing his feet in the town’s ornamental pool.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 14th May 2019 15:16

A vivid vignette of life's vicissitudes...especially the fade-out (as they
say in film).

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